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Day 1
17 May 2018

INNOVATION WORKSHOP 17 May/ 9:30 -17:30 DESIGN THINKING IN BUSINESS ANALYSIS Petter Wenseler/ Dennis Wolf/ Michaela Obholzer/ Stefan Marc Wagner Design Thinking has become one of the most popular frameworks...
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Petter Wenseler
Dennis Wolf
Michaela Obholzer
Stefan Marc Wagner
Day 2
18 May 2018


Sabine Ostlender and Rainer Wendt, both Managing Directors of the conference host masVenta Business GmbH, welcome you to the first European Business Analysis Day in Frankfurt am Main.
Rainer Wendt
Sabine Ostlender

Keynote: Business People Against Poverty

Entrepreuneurial initiative against poverty. Managerswithoutborders was founded more than 10 years ago by a visionary woman, carried on by experienced economical experts who were convinced that the best they can...
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Helene Prölß
10:00 - 10:30

Coffee Break

Being Agile rather than Doing Agile

Most of us have somehow been in contact with certain aspects of the Agile methodology. Some of you may have a more or less successful implementation or are in the...
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Gerald Adamik
Hamza Kichouhi

Customer Experience – The source for your next competitive advantage

Talking about innovation, most people think about the technology of the future. The electrical – maybe flying – car, one-inch thin TVs or the possibility of HD-video chat via smartphone....
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Stefan Marc Wagner

Introducing the Holistic Business Analyst

Holism’ originates from the Greek word ‘holos’ (= ‘all’, ‘whole’, ‘entire’), and is the concept that systems (physical, biological, chemical, social, economic, etc.) and their properties should be viewed as...
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Stefan Bossuwé

You Cannot Not Design UX: A Three-Step Mitigation Plan for BA’s

Paul Watzlawick, a famous psychologist and communication theorist, once said: “You cannot not communicate!” The same accounts for a user’s experience. You cannot not design user experience (UX)! Your final...
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Christoph Oemig

Best practices from a Business Analysis Telco project

This case study case will present the experience of a team of business analysts involved for 5 months in a project to determine the feasibility of a future program that...
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Giancarlo Duranti

Broader Agile perspective

In this session we will place Agile into a broader context with a focus on three linked themes: 1. Organizational culture and leadership, 2. Agile and characteristics of digital business,...
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Aleš Štempihar
12:10 - 13:25

Networking and Lunch Break

The huge gap between how people believe processes run – and how they actually run

Every use of IT-systems (ERP, BPM, etc.) leaves digital “footprints” behind. Process mining uses this data to visualize and analyze the actual end-to-end processes, with all variants and relevant key performance...
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Rudolf Kuhn

Product ownership from a consulting perspective

How does a high-quality product backlog actually come into existence in corporate projects? For agile adepts sitting on the development side, the question is easy enough to answer – they...
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Maciej Kaniewski

Challenging the status-quo

We are living in a fast pacing world and we are not here to stay content. We are here to do better. Even though constant change is all around us,...
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Viorel Herinean

How change projects can be controlled with Agile Business Analysis

In businesses today, digitalization is causing increased pressure to develop innovations. Business-wide processes, learning systems and the interconnectivity of devices and applications offer many possibilities for innovations, but in change...
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Ursula Meseberg

Requirements, Projects & Changes

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity are becoming important characteristics of management. In this VUCA world companies are frequently confronted with changes. Projects are the basic elements of any change architecture....
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Prof. Roland Gareis

Deep Customer Value: Taking Optimization from the Lab to the Real World

Business Intelligence, Optimization and Predictive Modeling may evolve to a level of high sophistication within an organization but often fail to impact the bottom line because their valuable products and...
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Frank Pensel
Dr. Kai Zimmermann
15:00 - 15:30

Coffee Break

Root Cause doesn’t have to hurt like a Root Canal – Five Proven Techniques for Understanding Business Needs

Needs are arguably the most important input to any business analysis effort. Why is that? For one thing, the BA Body of Knowledge from IIBA literally starts with Needs as...
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Richard Larson

“Doing the right things right!” – Introduction of project portfolio management

“Doing the right things right!” That is one of the main aspects of portfolio management. But how this translates into an institution or company while implementing it? The challenge of...
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Rüdiger Süss

Business Analysis Approach 2.0

In a more and more complex, global environment where the overarching constant is CHANGE – how do we make our BA team fit to deal with the challenges this construct...
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Berenice Koch

Customer Journey Mapping

Leveraging smart consumer research for a better brand experience Delivering an overall superior customer experience requires a holistic understanding of consumers’ needs and expectations, relevant channels and touchpoints and their...
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Anna-Christina King

RE goes Digital Design

A New Understanding of Requirements Engineering (RE) and Agile Development for Digital Transformation Projects under the umbrella term digital transformation are innovative by nature, they create new business models (e.g....
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Dr. Kim Lauenroth

Facilitating corporate innovation with the Innovation Canvas

Innovation is hard. Ideas are cheap and plentiful, but execution often falls short and few ideas lead to valuable results within reasonable time and budget. In their presentation, Tom and...
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Tom Verweijen
Filip Hendrickx

5 Conclusions That Will Change Your Thinking About The Digital BA

Everyone’s talking about the digital transformation, but what is it and where does the business analyst (BA) fit in? Do organizations need to use Agile methods to move into the...
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Elizabeth Larson